Phish Coventry Final Farewell..... Rare Collectors Item!

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The Newport  Daily Express (printed immediately after the festival)
provides excellent coverage and awesome photos of this  incredible
5 day festival in Northern Vermont.  This is the only daily paper  in the
entire area for 35 miles and was printed only a few miles from the actual
concert.  That's real local coverage!

Since the entire area is so rural and only 5 miles from the Canadian
Border, the total circulation of this paper is only 5,000 and they were
completely sold out within hours!

Most of the 5,000 were delivered to local residents who simply recycled
them after they were read.  Very few new copies exist which makes them
extremely rare.  They will never be printed again.  This local newspaper
will continue to increase in value year after year!

Most of this paper is devoted to the Phish Concert including great articles,
photos, and a full 2 page photo spread in the middle.  The headline reads 
"Phish - A Coventry Farewell" and the first article is entitled "Coventry 2004 -
Woodstock plus 35" which compares their final concert to Woodstock.  
Below the headline there's an excellent photo of the band beginning their 
first set on Saturday night.  

This was a very unique festival... the absolute biggest thing to ever happen in 
Northern Vermont.... maybe even in the whole state!  Heavy rains for 4 solid 
days turned the fields into mud and unfortunately made it impossible for many
fans to get here.

By Saturday there was absolutely nowhere to put the remaining cars (due to the
mud) and people were asked to turn around.  Of' course the die hard fans were
going to get there no matter what and more than 2,500 cars were abandoned on
the interstate.  Over 6,000 fans walked 10 - 20 miles in heavy rain to get to this
final farewell.

This newspaper completely covers everything both inside and out of the 
concert including the music, the unique events due to the weather and 
location, and the great Phish fans from all over the world who made
it to this small remote corner of Northern Vermont.


If you attended you know that this was truly a historic event, but either way 
you now have a chance to own one of these extremely rare newspapers.

Remember... there were only 5,000 of these printed, most of them no 
longer exist... and there will never be another Phish concert again.  
This newspaper from the actual location of their final farewell is no 
doubt a collector's item and will continue to increase in value year 
after year.

The limited number now available are brand new (never even been opened)
and are priced way below their actual value.

This will make a great gift for any Phish fan and a great addition to any
memorabilia collection.  Don't miss out!  Order yours now while supplies
last and own a rare piece of rock and roll history dedicated to the final
farewell of one of the greatest bands of all time!!

*Note - Your paper is guaranteed to be authentic (not a copy but the actual paper printed in
Northern Vermont immediately after their final performance) and will be rushed to you via First
Class Mail in a special protective envelope.

Any questions please e-mail or call us at 802-648-9002.

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